Valerie-McManus    Photographer
About my Photography

I love to photograph things as I find them, not to stage or pose an image, or construct from my own imaginings.  Rather I look for an angle that is interesting, and , If there is an incidental detail then I’m there capturing it.

My preferred subjects are landscape, seascape, buildings, documentary and editorial.  One of my special interests is recording scenes or structures that are disintegrating and so will not be available into the future, such as the Brighton West Pier and the cliffs at Beachy Head.  These images will be brought into my digital portfolio shortly.

Photographs of the real are not necessarily ‘deadpan’.  I seek to get mood and atmosphere in even the most simple, minimalist-style images to create a myth.  My love of the incidental nature of life will often add to the narrative of the image.  Experimenting to try out new things and develop new areas is the way I keep my enthusiasm and affirm current skills already demonstrated.

When taking images I often work without a tripod to be less obtrusive and more engaged, a part of the scene.  The viewpoint I find to be important, frequently photographing from lower down and always observing events.
May 2010